Pokemon Theme Song ‘Gotta Catch Em All’ For Orchestra by Walt Ribeiro


“You’re my best friend / In a world we must defend”

I love cartoons – all 9000 of them. And of all the great songs – everything from TMNT to Captain Planet – this one is one of the best one’s I’ve ever heard. Confused about Pokemon and Ash Ketchum? Here’s a good tutorial on the basics!

This piece composed by Jason Paige, has it all: a killer riff, uptempo beat, and powerful lyrics (by John Loeffler).

I utilized the ‘nightingale of the orchestra‘ more because many people demanded clarinet for my next piece, as well wanting better form and less complexity. This is especially true in the bass section – so put on a nice pair of headphones so you can hear the low end.

The concept of this piece is how it talks not just about needing the Pokemon to defend the world, but in how you AND the Pokemon have to work together – as a TEAM – in order to defend the world. That’s what I like about this, because it’s relative to my own life.

I want to change the orchestra, and inject it with new exciting repertoire, and continue this amazing opportunity and project I have with ‘For Orchestra’. But I can’t do it alone, and nor would I want to. We have to do it together.

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